Join us in The IDA Spectacular: a march and festival to highlight the significance of the Disability Community – and to celebrate!

The march will be followed by a short session of entertainment in Musgrave Park. Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase.

Measurable Aim – 2021 Goal: Show our strength. The aim is to maximise our attendance at the march to show how significant the Disability Community is to our society – and how Inclusion will work for all of us.

The real Aim: The real aim is to secure increased inclusion of people with disabilities. Women (35.1%) and men (28.1%) have avoided situations because of their disability. We aim to secure increased inclusion of people with disabilities across all aspects of society including in the arts, employment, sport and technology.


Monday 4th October 2021

Register here and be at Musgrave park at 7am

Our Story…


The Inclusive Disability Action Spectacular was inspired by the Invictus Games, ‘Every Australian Counts’ and LGBTIQ Mardi Gras.

Our key sponsors:

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Changing Lives, Changing Communities Forum:

Dis Ability Awareness Spectacular chosen for Brisbane “Ideas into Action”


Dis Ability Awareness Spectacular Limited was established as a company limited by guarantee (ACN 634 199 107) and registered with the ACNC. In September 2019, the operating name of Inclusive Disability Action Spectacular was chosen.

Your Impact

You have the opportunity to contribute in a positive way to every member of the Queensland community, through sponsorship, donation or simply registering your support and turning up on the day.

Your actions will make a difference.

Read More of Our Story

The Inclusive Disability Action Spectacular – initially called the “(Dis) Ability Awareness Spectacular” – came to public recognition in November 2018 as Idea 3 of Open Space – Ideas to Action – Changing Lives Changing Communities Forum in Brisbane and provides one pathway to the CLCC powerful question:

“What will it take to create communities where everyone contributes, matters and belongs?”

One of the stages of development was led by QDN Management and the concept was presented to QDN board but did not progress. Further attempts through invited staff and LSG convenors to an Art of Hosting gathered ‘wise ideas’ and sought to make the event inclusive of the entire QDN network by canvasing all LSGs state-wide for their ‘wise ideas’ around the concept.

Good governance requirements drove the idea to become a separate legal entity and so Dis Ability Awareness Spectacular became a registered company limited by guarantee, and subsequently a registered charity, in June 2019.

Greater involvement of persons with a disability, Consultation and research findings has led to the movement’s new name of “Inclusive Disability Action Spectacular”.

Leaders for – and with – disability

For the Spectacular to become a genuine movement for change it must be led by people with “lived experience” with support from an inclusive society of people which does not discriminate on the basis of abilities – perceived or real.

To be truly reflective of the voice of people with disability this needs to be led by an organisation of, by and for people with disability.  If services providers, families or even government become the drivers then the focus could be diluted, manipulated or lost.  However, these other group have a key role in supporting the vision. Therefore, the intent is to have governance from supporters and the working group driven by people with “lived experience”.

“They are the only people who can do this.”

Accordingly, two of the three directors are persons with disability. Geoff Trappett and Justin Welfare. Both of these directors are valued and respected members of minority communities and have worked tirelessly as strong advocates throughout their careers both in formal and informal roles.  


Aligns with QDN’s vision that people with disability are active and valued citizens.

Aligns with the growing community vision for equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person in every community.

Contributes to the Queensland Human Rights Commission role of promoting an understanding, acceptance, and public discussion of human rights in Queensland

Contributes to Brisbane City Council’s commitment to inclusion as outlined in Inclusive Brisbane Plan.

Assists NDIA to support a better life for hundreds of thousands of Australians with a significant and permanent disability and their families and carers

Design: Components and Process

An expert panel, with knowledge, skills, commitment and values will continue to determine the character, content and tone of the event.

Values matrix / values filter will be used to help determine key messages, bottom lines and even ‘who is in’ and ‘who is out’. 

Proposed Messages
Igniting the Fire
Welcome to Us
Indigenous rights
Women’s Issues
Protect women with Intellectual Disability from Sexual Abuse

Proposed Floats
Cultural & Linguistic
Mental Health
Inclusive Education
Every Australian Counts

Proposed Supports
Parents groups
Service providers
Broader advocacy groups

What can you do now?

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